What is the warranty on a Pogo Linux system

Pogo Linux Base Warranty

Service Overview

Pogo's standard support package is provided with all Pogo Linux systems. This standard package entitles you to phone and email support for a period of 3 years from the original system ship date.
Standard technical support hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. After-hours support packages are available for customers who have purchased that option.
The sales team is available between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays to help work through any service related issues with an order.

Basic support includes:

  • Phone support Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific.
  • Basic re-installation or troubleshooting of Pogo Linux installed operating systems, including Red Hat, CentOS, Debian, and certain versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Phone and email troubleshooting for hardware related problems.
  • 3-year return to depot repair.
  • Advance replacement RMA parts, shipped 2nd business day, based on availability and subject to phone-based troubleshooting.
  • 3rd party RMA assistance.

On-Site Support Services includes:

  • Pogo Linux has partnered with SERVICESolv to offer optional on-site support worldwide, including supplying replacement parts.
  • Pogo Support will collect all pertinent information, diagnose the issue, then coordinate the dispatch
  • of parts and on-site service technicians as needed. Our goal is to dispatch replacement parts on the day the call is received. Service calls opened after 2 PM (Pacific Time) will be processed on a best effort basis. Replacement parts are shipped via Next-Day Air shipping.
  • On-site service is dispatched on the next business day, assuming replacement parts are available.

Support Procedures

Basic Hardware Support

1. Contact Pogo Linux for support
For a Pogo Linux support technician to best help you, please gather all information about symptoms and relevant error messages before contacting support. Please also include the system serial number, located on a purple sticker on the back of the system.
Most support calls are answered immediately but in some cases there may be a brief wait or calls may be directed to voice mail. Voice mails received by 4 p.m. Pacific on a normal business day will receive a response by the end of the business day.
2. Assist with phone based troubleshooting
When requested, please provide details on error messages that occur. Pogo support may request the output from specific troubleshooting commands or diagnostic utilities. Output from these commands may need to be emailed back to Pogo Linux support for analysis. The inability to retrieve specific information or diagnostic output may inhibit Pogo technical support from proceeding in diagnosis / resolution.
Customers may be required to assist in phone or email based troubleshooting in order for Pogo support to determine a corrective course of action.


Response Times

Support requests emailed to support@pogolinux.com, will automatically be placed in the support queue and handled by the next available support technician. Support requests are monitored Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific.
Most phone calls to support are answered immediately. Any calls that are routed to voice mail by 4:00 p.m. Pacific will receive a response that day. Voice mails received after business hours will receive a response the following business day.


Software Support

Software support is limited to operating system installations performed by Pogo Linux.
Customers may re-install their systems, however not all distributions/versions of Linux or other operating systems are supported. The only OS certified to work on a specific system, is the operating system with which it was originally shipped.
Software support is limited to basic setup and configuration of the operating system and may not include advanced configuration of system services, RAID volumes, or other advanced system administration. Software support in excess of hardware troubleshooting is at Pogo's sole discretion.
Diagnosis may require that Pogo Linux collect additional information and attempt to reproduce the error.
Only hardware provided by Pogo Linux is supported.
Technical support does not include training or assistance in system administration beyond what is necessary to resolve the initial problem.
Support does not include compatibility issues with third party hardware or software not provided by Pogo Linux.
Technical support is limited to telephone and e-mail and does not include on-site support unless a separate on-site support contract was purchased.
Under no circumstances is Pogo Linux responsible for loss of software or data.


Warranty Repairs

After completing telephone or email based diagnosis with a Pogo Linux support representative, it may be determined that your system should come in for diagnosis and repair.
Repair may take 5 to 7 business days, however additional delays are possible based on parts availability. If we are unable to reproduce the problem, diagnosis may take longer. If no problem is found, we will offer you a choice of continuing to troubleshoot, or to return the system as is.
The system to be repaired should be shipped to Pogo Linux in its original packaging. If the original packaging is not available, packaging can be purchased from Pogo Linux. Pogo Linux cannot take responsibility for shipping damages that result from the use of non-approved product packaging.
The system to be repaired should be sent in its original configuration. If any parts are to be removed before returning the system, for security purposes or for any other reason, please inform the support representative when the determination is made that the system should be repaired. Pogo Linux may be unable to reproduce the problem if the system is not shipped in a complete functional state or in its original configuration.
If original components are not available, Pogo Linux reserves the right to substitute other components of an equivalent or greater performance specification. This may include a larger capacity hard drive, faster CPU, or other part substitutions. This may include complete system replacement with a more recent system of the same form factor and architecture type. If Pogo Linux chooses to provide a replacement system under warranty, the warranty end date will remain the same as the warranty end date of the original system.
Customer is responsible for backing up data before sending the system for repair. All data will be deleted, the drives will be formatted, and the OS will be reloaded as part of the repair / test process.


RMA Part Replacement

Once a Pogo Linux support representative has determined through troubleshooting that a part should be replaced, we will initiate a Return Material Authorization ("RMA").
Please note that adding or changing any components against the advice of a technical support representative will void the warranty of the affected system. Any sign that the serial number on your system has been altered or tampered with will also void the warranty.
Once a technical support representative has initiated an RMA, you will be assigned an RMA number and a replacement part will ship within 2 business days (contingent on part availability). RMA parts for systems that are not covered under a NBD on-site support contract will ship 2nd business day delivery.
Any replacement product will contain instructions on how to send defective products back to Pogo Linux. Related shipping charges will be covered only within 30 days of your original system invoice.
Systems that include next day on-site service contracts are eligible for next business day delivery of replacement parts depending on parts availability.
Short delays, though not common, may occur if parts are temporarily unavailable.
Once a component has been replaced, the failed part needs to be returned to depot. Using the packaging the new component was shipped in, carefully pack the failed component to prepare it for shipping. Once the package is ready, email shipping@pogolinux.com to request a return shipping label. Please include the ticket number / RMA number in your request.
Please clearly indicate the RMA # and/or Ticket # on the outside or the return package.
When we ship your replacement, a corresponding invoice will be issued. If you don't return the replaced part within 10 business days, the invoice will become due and payable. Once the returned part is received by Pogo, your invoice will be canceled.

Limited Warranty on Solid State (SSD) Hard Drives

SSD drive manufacturers include Life Left / Wear Out indicators in their S.M.A.R.T data / diagnostic output. A positive value for the S.M.A.R.T Wear Out indicator indicates that a drive has exceeded its normal usage life span, and the drive is no longer eligible for RMA replacement by the manufacturer. Pogo Linux will also not provide warranty replacement of SSD hard drives that return a positive Wear Out S.M.A.R.T. value, or otherwise indicate (through drive manufacturer diagnostic software, etc.) that the drive has exceeded its manufacturer-determined usage life span.


Third Party RMA Part Replacement

Pogo Linux does not provide support for third party, non-Pogo branded hardware including but not limited to UPS, KVM, network or high speed interconnect switches, external RAID, or other external storage enclosures.
Pogo Linux will assist, when possible, in initiating an RMA with third party hardware vendors on the customer's behalf.
Customer agrees to take responsibility for handling RMA issues with third party vendors directly for resolution of hardware issues with any third party, non Pogo Linux branded hardware.
Pogo Linux Base Warranty Does Not Include The Following:
  • Direct third party product support
  • Support for any product damaged by accident, act of nature, mishandling, shipping, incorrect installation, or abuse. This includes inadequate cooling or ventilation, improper or incorrect power, failure to follow operating instructions, or use with incompatible devices.
  • Scripting, programming, web/mail/database server implementation or configuration, kernel recompilation.
  • Training, preventative maintenance, advanced system configuration
  • Third party software integration

Customer Responsibilities

  • Software or data backup. Pogo Linux is under no circumstances responsible for data loss that takes place due to hardware failure, or during return-to-depot warranty service, telephone troubleshooting, or under any other circumstances.
  • Cooperate with support representative. Customer agrees to cooperate with and follow instructions given by Pogo Linux support staff.
  • Grant Access. Customer agrees to grant Pogo Linux support staff access to information required in troubleshooting, including but not limited to the output from diagnostic commands, configuration files, and system logs. Customer agrees to either make this information available via email or provide Pogo Linux support staff with remote access to the system.


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